Biolane Avocado Oil Spray

Biolane Avocado Oil Spray


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Biolane Avocado Oil Spray is made from 100% natural formula that’s rich in essential fatty acids that softens, nourishes and protects baby’s fragile skin.  Its natural vitamin E content helps fight skin dryness that are common with babies while leaving the skin soft, supple and well-protected. It is dermatologically tested, formulated at physiological pH and doesn’t contain alcohol, perfume and preservatives.

It is suitable for massages and comes in a spray format that is easy to apply for optimal hygiene. This oil can be sprayed into the bath water to prevent drying of the skin. It also encourages removal of cradle cap and can be used by moms to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

How to Use:

-       During bath, perform 5-10 sprays under tap water and avoid prolonged baths in newborns.

-       To eliminate cradle cap, apply Biolane Avocado Oil in light friction on the scalp and leave it for a few minutes before bathing.

-       To prevent stretch marks in pregnant women, make 3 sprays in the palm of your hand to put the oil at body temperature and massage the risk areas (belly, thighs, hips, breasts etc.).


FULL SIZE:        75ml

PRICE:              PHP 540.00

SAMPLE SIZE:  1 pc. (75 ml)


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