You have to rate and review the samples that you got.

Rating and reviewing the samples you got in Sample Room will let you earn back the points that were deducted from you from availing the samples. Aside from that, it will also let you earn more incentive points! It's our way of saying Thank You for your effort in posting substantial reviews, and sharing them to the Sample Room community.

Example: You availed PRODUCT A worth fifty (50) points; these points will be deducted from your balance points. When you rate and review the product, one (1) incentive point will be added to your account for the rating. And when your review has been approved by the web administrator, the fifty (50) points will be returned to you plus another one (1) additional incentive points.

Please take note that we are very strict with our posting guidelines. Please click here to read Sample Room’s posting guidelines.


Registered Referrals

You’ll earn one (1) point for every registered referral at Sample Room. So refer more friends to earn more points!

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You also have an option to buy points with us if you’d like to fast track into availing samples with higher points.

Once in every 2 months, you can buy 1000 points for only Php 649! We give this option to members who want to fast track in availing samples and to avail more premium items.

For more information on how to become a Sample Room VIP member, click  here.


Sample Room Contests

From time to time, Sample Room will hold activities and contests that can let you earn more points. So be an active Sample Room member- earn more points and avail the samples that you want! Please take note that you are still encouraged to rate and review the samples you’ve availed. Rating the products and writing reviews help other members to decide which product is right for them. Let’s help one another in becoming the best we can be!