You can earn points from Sample Room through rating and reviewing the samples that you have received (after 5 full days upon usage). You will not only earn back the points you have spent, but you will also earn additional incentive points for every insightful and substantial review that you leave. This is because Sample Room considers you as a valuable and reliable member to the community.

For example, when you avail Product A worth 50 points, 50 points will be deducted from your point balance. Then when you rate and review Product A, you will earn 1 incentive point that will be added to your point balance. Once your review has been approved by Sample Room, you will earn back the original 50 points with 1 additional incentive point. So in total, you earn your original points back + 2 incentive points for every review you’ve passed.

Please take note that you must comply with our posting guidelines for your reviews to be approved. You may click here to learn more about Sample Room’s posting guidelines.


You can earn 1 point every time your friend registered in Sample Room via the invitation link you sent to them. You may send them an invitation through the Referral’s section in your Account’s page.

Feel free to refer as many friends as you want to earn points. You may click here to refer a friend to Sample Room.


You have the option to become a VIP Member in order to buy more points for samples that have higher points. The VIP Membership allows you to loan 1000 points for only Php 649 once in every 2 months.

Click here to learn more about how to become a Sample Room VIP member.


Sample Room gives its members the opportunity to earn more points through activities and promotions from time to time. By joining Sample Room’s promotions, you could have a chance to win additional points.

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