VEDETTE believes...

... there is beauty waiting to be rediscovered in each women

…color of the skin doesn't determine beauty rather it is how one takes care of one's own

…everyone deserves to be pampered at least once awhile

…empowering women begins with providing them more options

The word VEDETTE is a French word that is associated with products that makes women more beautiful. The product have ingredients that are sourced from Europe and Japan however the product itself is assembled in Vietnam to make the price of the product more acceptable to more consumers.

The brand is licensed to be sold in the Philippines and has obtained the necessary product registration from FDA. Be one of the first people to experience the relaxation brought to you by Vedette.

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Vedette Clay Facial Mask


Vedette Clay Facial mask combines the property of soggy mud and mineral salts for a bright and smooth skin that radiates health and beauty. • exfoliates, rejuvenates and nourishes the skin ..

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