C-Lium Fibre Husk (Mango)

C-Lium Fibre Husk (Mango)


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Tropical Taste
Helps Improve Digestion
Feeling healthy after use
Overall Experience

CRx C-Lium Fibre product contains 100% Natural Psyllium Fiber Husk. C-Lium Fiber Husk has soluble and insoluble fiber that can contribute to healthy wellbeing combined with good diet, exercise and minimization of stress.

Take your C-lium Fibre Everyday

• Healthy well being
• Quality Source of Fiber (Soluble and Insoluble)
• Same good quality C-Lium now with delectable new fruity flavors
• Helps remove excess Fat, Cholesterol and Sugar with daily use

• Take once a day ideally during breakfast.
• Empty one sachet in a half glass of water
• Stir for 10 seconds only (it is normal for C-Lium Fibre husk not to dissolve completely).
• Drink immediately and completely. Follow-up with another glass of water.

This product is our 4th Editor’s Pick for the month of September 2020. For more information about this product click here.

FULL SIZE: Box of 7s / Box of 30s
PRICE: Php 112.00 / Php 480.00
SAMPLE SIZE: 1 box of 7 sachets for 7-day use

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