Collagen by Watsons

Collagen by Watsons

Collagen By Watsons is a Watsons’ own brand made in Korea. It combines the power of collagen and innovative technology that delivers ultra-care and nourishment that the skin needs. Collagen By Watsons is the first brand to offer Collume (vegan collagen) on their products that have 20x more moisturization vs normal collagen. With its wide range from moisturizing, whitening, supreme anti-aging and hydration, Collagen by Watsons can cater every woman’s need for their skin. Through the natural power of Collagen and advanced skin technology (smart water technology/Aura Glow complex/ Etc), the mission of Collagen by Watsons is to provide every Filipina the ultra-collagen care in every drop for them to achieve healthy and younger-looking skin.

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Collagen by Watsons Booster Essence


Collagen by Watsons Booster Essence is a serum infused with a powerful blend of Vegan Collagen (Coll..

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