• Hair: Colored and Chemically Treated
  • Skin Type: Oily
  • Skin Tone: Medium
Sun Protection
Overall Experience

I don't think one can ever go wrong with VMV products.

The sunblock applies on very smoothly. It's a lotion type of sunblock but absorbs quickly like gel. It doesn't have much of the greasy feeling. My skin is naturally oily though so any type of cream causes it to produce lots and lots of sebum. It's fragrance free so it wouldn't irritate sensitive skin.

As for the sun protection factor, i would just have to guess as I dont have any means of measuring its efficacy scientifically. I will use it mostly for prevention of skin ageing and spots. It's mainly for keeping my skin youthful by avoiding sun damage. I had a little bit of sun exposure today though and the sun didnt sting my face.

This sunblock is a chemical barrier which means it should be applied on bare skin before other products. Allow it to be thoroughly absorbed by the skin first before putting on serums and moisturizers and finally your make up.

Overall, this is a really excellent product and I would definitely be purchasing the regular sized bottle soon!

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