• Hair: Normal
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Skin Tone: Natural
Pleasing Scent
Moisturizing Properties
Dandruff Removal
Smoothness and Shine
Overall Experience

I've already used this shampoo in the past for dandruff removal and whether I am now dandruff-free it's still a great product to use. The menthol-scent is not common to most shampoos catered for women but it's not really that strong to be bothered about. What I love, though is the fresh, cool feeling it leaves on the scalp, courtesy of removing the dandruff and the menthol effect you just feel totally clean. Another thing I love about H&S shampoo products is that they are not drying, I'm a sucker for hair conditioners, but this is one product I can totally use alone. Great product as always.

Will you buy this product again?

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