• Hair: Dry
  • Skin Type: Oily
  • Skin Tone: Natural
Naturally Milky White and Milky Soft Skin
Overall Experience

I'm so excited to try these products ever since I saw the body wash in a supermarket with a sticker that says Cosmopolitan 2017 bucket list. I'm not really a fan of body washes because it usually give a warm and film-like feeling on the skin that is not really suitable to our weather here in the Philippines. That's why I find these products super amazing because there's no warm feeling at all. I'm so used with the dry and sticky feeling of most whitening soap that I really appreciate the soft and smooth skin that these products gave me. What's best is that even after I sweat there's no sticky feeling at all. No body odors too! Though I don't see much whitening and I'm not fond of the scent too, good thing the smell doesn't stay in the skin so it's totally ok for me. The soap lathers better than the body wash but the body wash leaves the skin smoother and softer than the soap. The products are pretty affordable too! So my family will continue using the soap and I will use the body wash from now on.

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