The following additional guidelines are required for posting within our website. There will be no room for exceptions to these rules and this will be applied to everyone and to every review post. All are advised to strictly abide by the guidelines below:

  1. All posts should be based on personal experience using the product you received. We will assume that all information is TRUE and FACTUAL.
  2. Plagiarizing or copying reviews is strictly not allowed. Members who are found to have copied/stolen reviews from other members or other sources (e.g. blog posts, online articles, website reviews, etc.) will automatically be banned from our website.
  3. No text lingo or SMS shortcuts allowed on the review post.
  4. No posting for paid advertisements, selling or any type of non-product review post.
  5. The website administrators reserve the right to moderate or delete any post that does not follow the guidelines.
  6. All posts are the sole liability of the author.
  7. Samples availed should be tried at least 5 days before writing a review. Sample Room encourages thorough and honest reviews; and it is by using the product in longer period that a review can be written with sincerity and honesty. Sample Room reserves the right to not approve a review/ ask a member to write a review again after X number of days, if the review is deemed to be written in hasty.
  8. We do not allow posts/reviews that have the intent to bash/destroy a product. It is one thing to state facts on how a product did not work for you or you were not satisfied with a product, and it is another thing to call it names, say bad words, or give incredulous complaints about a product.
  9. Kindly expound your review basing it on the ratings provided for the product.
  10. No lengthening of reviews by using punctuation marks such as periods and commas (.... or ,,,,)
  11. Kindly use proper punctuation marks and capitalization of the first letter for every sentence. No reviews will be approved if it is written in ALL CAPS.
  12. All reviews must be written in ENGLISH. All reviews written in another language (Tagalog, Taglish, etc) will automatically be disapproved.



“Product A did not work on me. When I tried it on my skin, I think it made my skin greasy in the morning."

“I feel that this product did not control oil at all.”

“My skin broke out when I first used this. At successive uses, my skin did not get any better.

not ok:

Product A s*cks like h*ll! I want to throw it in the trashcan! 

Helpful Questions to Answer in Writing a Review

  • What is your initial impression of the product?
  • Do you like how it felt on your skin/hair?
  • Did you notice any effects?
  • Did you like the sample that you received?
  • Would you purchase a full-sized product after finishing the sample?

An example of a good review:


I love this product because it did wonders for my hair. I have noticed that when my hair is air-dried in the morning, it is less frizzy when I apply this serum on my hair.

not ok:

I love it! I really love it! It is so good!

Luxury Products Review Guidelines

For luxury products or high-ticket products, with respect to their prices, we are only able to deem a price-related review as acceptable if the product's performance is not at par with its price. We, in Sample Room believe that each member gets a sample of the beauty product that they seek to road test, knowing that the member is actually considering a full-sized purchase if they are satisfied with the sample.

Sample Room is a mutually beneficial community that gives its members access to free beauty samples, and companies to be able to let our members try their products first before committing to a full-sized purchase.