Please find below details of our delivery, shipping and handling information.

How many days will it take for the product samples to reach me?

Normally, it will take 3-4 working days to reach to a Metro Manila address, and around 4-7 working days for outside Metro Manila.


Ship out days are every TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY only. Please give us 2 business days to process and verify your payment. Cut-off time is until 4:00pm daily.

Check Out Time Ship Out
Monday until 4:00pm Thursday
Monday 4:01pm, considered as Tuesday Thursday
Tuesday until 4:00pm Thursday
Tuesday 4:01pm, considered as Wednesday Saturday
Wednesday until 4:00pm Saturday
Wednesday 4:01pm, considered as Thursday Tuesday
Thursday until 4:00pm Tuesday
Thursday 4:01pm, considered as Friday Tuesday
Friday until 4:00pm Tuesday
Friday 4:01pm, considered as Saturday Tuesday
Saturday until 4:00pm Thursday
Saturday 4:01pm, considered as Sunday Thursday
Sunday until 4:00pm Thursday
Sunday 4:01pm, considered as Monday Thursday

What is the maximum number of samples I can ship per transaction?

You can ship a maximum of 3 product samples per transaction. 4th product will already be considered as a new transaction.

What are your shipping & handling rates for Metro Manila and outside Metro Manila?

Please find the table below for our shipping & handling rates:

Weight Metro Manila (Php) Luzon (Php) Visayas (Php) Mindanao (Php)
0.5kg 120 150 160 180
1.0kg 140 170 180 200
1.5kg 170 200 210 230
2.0kg 180 210 220 240
2.5kg 200 230 240 260
3.0kg 210 240 250 270
add on/ kg 40 50 60 70

Can you ship outside the Philippines (internationally)?

No. We want to create a local online community where reviews are all based within the same geographic (this will make the review more authentic as it only caters to the Philippines market)

Why do you charge shipping and handling fees? I thought it is for free?

As much as we want to waive all costs for the members, only the product samples are for free. The cost is combined of our internal logistics, handling costs, in-house materials, and shipping costs.

How can I track my order and payment?

Payment and order status can be checked by logging into your Account, under Order Status. Once payment is confirmed, a tracking number will be provided (under Order Status and email) to you after the receipt given from Blitz, LiteXpress, Air Speed and LBC.

Should you encounter any problem in your order delivery, you may also contact our operations team via their email address, [email protected]

The product didn't reach me after 10 working days from ship out date, who should I contact?

Please send a complete detailed enquiry to our operations team at [email protected]

What are your delivery/ shipping methods?

As of the moment, all your orders are sent through Blitz, LiteXpress, Air Speed and LBC.