Soleil et Lune

Soleil et Lune

“Soleil et Lune”, French for Sun and Moon, believes beauty goes beyond one’s wardrobe and accessories. A woman can feel beautiful, confident and alluring, through the power of scent.
Envisioned to be worn in our tropical climate from morning until night, using the finest ingredients from France, they also come packaged in a luxurious, feminine bottle design.
Crafted with the finest oils and essences from Grasse, France, Soleil et Lune has launched six unique fragrances that embody women’s unique personalities and moods. These premium
fragrances meet the practical needs of the modern, well-traveled Filipina, yet indulge her desire for everyday luxury. They are versatile, rotated depending on your mood, or layered as the day goes on for a more complex experience.

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Soleil et Lune (Brigitte)


Bursts of fruity essence for the woman who uplifts like the sunshine wherever she goes. The openi..

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